Human capital and technological know-how: the strengths of IBSA Farmaceutici’s production in Cassina de’ Pecchi

The journey inside IBSA Farmaceutici’s production plants in Lodi and Cassina de’ Pecchi – two excellences in the Made in Italy pharmaceutical production worldwide – continues. Cutting-edge technology, a strong drive for innovation and high quality are the distinctive elements of the two sites which, combined with the knowledge and skills of the people who work there, constitute a strength for the entire company. Furthermore, albeit with different characteristics and productions, the two plants fortify each other, thanks to a management model based on a constant interaction between the two organisations, aimed at improving practices and procedures in a synergistic and coordinated way. After the story of the activity of the Lodi site, today we continue with the peculiarities of our plant in Cassina de’ Pecchi.


Founded in 1994 and acquired by the IBSA Group in 2010, this production site has twenty years of experience in the production of Drug-in-adhesive medicated plasters for topical and transdermal administration and patches with natural active ingredients for cosmetic applications and medical devices. At the base of these productions is the innovative patented technology Moving Free, which is the result of IBSA’s great commitment to R&D, together with the large resources allocated to it by the company.

In addition to medicated plasters, in 2017 the industrial manufacturing of drugs began with the innovative FilmTec® technology for the production of orodispersible films (ODF), a new oral dosage form in thin, flexible, postage-stamp-like small sheets that dissolve on contact with saliva and do not require any water intake. Thanks to the convenience, ease of use and precision of dosage of the active ingredients contained therein, patients can improve their adherence to treatment, overcoming the difficulties in taking capsules and tablets. Since 2019, FilmTec® technology has allowed the Cassina de’ Pecchi plant to produce supplements in ODF form also for the nutritional sectors.

The team of our 96 collaborators working within the site are committed every day to the creation of products that are exported to over 26 countries worldwide”, declared Roberto Maglio, Head of Operation at the production plants of Cassina de’ Pecchi and Lodi. In addition to production, we can also count on the expertise and experience of the R&D division; and it is precisely due to the combination of all these skills that we are able to develop patient-friendly treatment systems”.

The Cassina de’ Pecchi plant has also recently distinguished itself for having received the Halal certification for food supplements, an attestation that certifies the latter’s compliance with ethical and hygienic-sanitary standards according to the law and the doctrine of Islam.

It’s always people who make the difference: having a common goal and sharing problems and solutions are what gives us that extra kick to carry out our work brilliantly. Every day, we see collaboration grow, which results in an increase in the speed of response to the implementation of the projects undertaken”, added Maglio.