IBSA Farmaceutici obtains the Halal Certification: a further sign of inclusion for all.


Going “beyond treatment” means committing to making therapies simple and effective for patients, devising solutions that concretely improve their quality of life. It means thinking of everyone and including every person, considering the diversity – even religious and cultural – that each one represents. And it is precisely in this direction that IBSA Farmaceutici has gone, expanding its commitment to the Persons and obtaining the Halal certification for its Cassina de’ Pecchi plant within the production of food supplements.

The Halal Certification – which is obtained following a rigorous control process for the marketing of products from the agricultural/food, chemical and pharmaceutical chains – certifies their compliance with ethical and hygienic-sanitary standards according to the law and the doctrine of Islam. A free certification that the company decided to obtain in order to make its products available also to that part of the population which – due to their religious beliefs and culture – have more stringent choices.

Our products are for everyone and consider everyone’s needs”, explained Alessandro Zenoni, QA of the Cassina de’ Pecchi plant. “With the achievement of the Halal Certification, we can now apply on the packaging of all our orodispersible films a logo and a QR Code that are immediately visible and recognisable by people of the Muslim faith who, with just a glance at the pharmacy shelves, will be able to immediately realise that those products have been conceived for them too”.

An Imam representative of the Bureau Veritas certifying was welcomed into the IBSA Farmaceutici plant for a complex and specific audit aimed also at analysing, for example, the presence of alcohol in the markers used to write within the production site.

In the meantime, the first step to integrate this methodology into the daily business routine has been done by introducing several actions: firstly, an internal training course was started, with a final exam, to illustrate what is lawful (halal) and what is not (haram), in compliance with the Halal regulatory framework. Secondly, checks have been started with all suppliers to request certificates ensuring that their contribution falls within the scope of the Certification; and, lastly, a further phase of analysis on the finished product has been scheduled by IBSA, in order to avoid any cross-contamination residues.

From now on, Bureau Veritas will send an inspection every year to confirm the certification, while the company has undertaken to include in its quality manuals the parameters to be followed to ensure the absence of any cross-contamination, as well as the compliance with the Halal rules.

What drives the Company is the patient, not the market. Cutting-edge technologies, innovation and creativity come together to allow the development of pharmaceutical products capable of responding to the ever-growing needs of people and designed to be oriented not only toward treatment, but also to improving the people’s health and well-being.

Congratulations to everyone!