Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine aims to improve and maintain the aesthetic wellness of the skin through a thorough analysis of the patient’s systemic and local conditions, the formulation of a detailed diagnosis and the creation of therapeutic strategies.

In this area, IBSA provides a complete range of products based on the Hydrolift® action concept. Hydrolift® Action is a novel approach that aims to counter the physiological decrease in the hyaluronic acid (HA) present in the skin, to restore moisture, elasticity and firmness.

This approach is the expression of the synergistic action resulting from the use of selected hyaluronic acids produced using patented technology that, when administered in combination, create the optimal conditions for preventing and countering the aging process.

In recent years, the portfolio has been enhanced by the introduction of an innovative product containing a solution of thermally-stabilised, hybrid cooperative ultrapure hyaluronic acid complexes, using IBSA’s patented hybrid NAHYCO® technology.

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