Consumer Health

Consumer Health

It has always been IBSA mission to respond to people’s healthcare and wellbeing needs with specific and innovative remedies, thus making lives easier. For this reason IBSA has developed a wide range of supplements to face the challenges that the human body is exposed to every day, from preserving the balance of intestinal flora to the need for mineral salt supplements, as well as a vast line for self-medication and protection against insects and their irritating bites and stings.

When heat, excessive sweating or sporting activities weaken the body, mineral salt supplements and vitamins are a concentrated source of nutrients, fundamental for an energy recharge. IBSA supplements are also available to help the immune system during winter and to aid the normal flexibility and functioning of joints.
Live lactic cultures, on the other hand,  contribute to restoring the balance of intestinal flora when lifestyle, habits, stress, aging, antibiotic treatments, sudden changes to diet or frequent travelling affect intestinal health. The line of IBSA lactic cultures, all of which are gluten- and lactose-free, have a pleasant taste, are easy to take, and help to fight against irritating problems, enabling the body to restore optimal intestinal wellbeing.

IBSA offers a complete line of products to protect all the family against insects, while looking after the skin at the same time, without damaging it or the risk of altering its balance. “Barriers”  that are too aggressive against insects can, in fact, be toxic to the skin and in the long-term may also become a health problem, but IBSA products offer a high degree of protection.

Furthermore, in the case of minor wounds, grazes and muscular injuries, IBSA has a line of hypo-allergenic products to meet all kinds of self-medication needs. One of the strengths of this wide range of products, made entirely in Italy, is their respect for the skin.