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World Thyroid Week: download the recipe book for a good nutrition

The World Thyroid Week (SMT), from 20 to 25 May, is an opportunity to talk about the pathologies that affect this gland, the importance of a correct diagnosis and adequate controls for the over 6 million people in Italy who suffer from it. This is an important moment to underline, once again and more strongly, the importance of finding information from qualified sources on health issues to be part of life recommendations, as well as good nutrition and exercise: "chronic thyroid disease: more correct information, less unnecessary testing".

In this direction, IBSA’s commitment continues through the awareness campaign "Dal Palato alla Tiroide", in raising awareness about hypothyroidism that affects up to 5% of the general population, especially women, with an additional 5% that is estimated not to be diagnosed.
Create under the patronage of the Italian society of endocrinology and the extraordinary participation of the chef and food blogger Sonia Peronaci, the campaign offers answers to the most frequently asked questions and doubts about the relationship between diet and thyroid disorders thanks to the publication of a volume of recipes collected by the "thyroid friends" and available from today promotes the journey to discover the most suitable ingredients for health and well-being.

Download the book on and prepare your recipe!

Information, advice, and healthy recipes for your thyroid


The recipe book is available for download.

Download the PDF now.

Show Cooking and Thyroid: The Video of the Event with Sonia Peronaci

The famous food blogger prepared one of the recipes submitted by participants in the “From Palate to Thyroid” campaign. During the evening, two endocrinologists clarified the most common doubts about the relationship between diet and the thyroid.