Awareness campaign

International HPV Awareness Day: the commitment of the #regalatevilasalute campaign, awarded “Best Communication project of the year”.

Maria Scanzano Jr Project Manager IBSA Farmaceutici
Maria Scanzano Jr Project Manager IBSA Farmaceutici

4th March is International HPV Awareness Day, which for five years now has provided the opportunity to draw attention on the importance of Papilloma Virus prevention and screening. HPV is a highly prevalent sexually-transmitted virus and the cause of the most common cancers of the female and male genital tract, most notably cervical cancer. An idea of the scale of the problem is given by the data from the latest AIRTUM (Italian Association of Cancer Registries) findings: in 2020, in Italy, there were an estimated 2,365 new cases of cervical cancer, which is the leading cause of death from cancer among women of childbearing age. Year after year, awareness of the danger of this virus is increasing, thanks to the contribution of educational campaigns like #regalatevilasalute, organised by a board of experts with the support of IBSA Farmaceutici and LBA – Lega Basket Serie A. This commitment has also been recognised by the 2022 Life Science Award, the most authoritative form of recognition of projects of excellence, innovative products and scientists who have stood out over the past year in the world of science and medicine.  The #regalatevilasalute campaign has been awarded the prize for the category “Best Communication Project of the Year”. LBA’s support has made it possible to take the focus of the #regalatevilasalute on to basketball courts, to communicate not only with spectators, but also with the players themselves. The subject has been welcomed with great interest and engagement, especially by youngsters in the under-19 teams, so much so that some players decided to organise a call to action to encourage their peers to get vaccinated against HPV.

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