IBSA Filmtec® “Made in Italy” technology wins the SMAU 2023 Innovation Award

IBSA Filmtec® “Made in Italy” technology wins the SMAU 2023 Innovation Award

Simplicity overcomes complexity, and wins: IBSA Italy received the SMAU Innovation Award for developing in collaboration with Pharma film, a spin-off of the University of Milanan innovative dosage form that is an alternative to traditional oral forms (capsules and tablets), in addition to being entirely “Made in Italy”. It’s a maltodextrin-based orodispersible film, developed to help simplify the administration of drugs and food supplements and improve therapeutic adherence on the part of patients.

In the Milan setting of the prime event dedicated to innovation, Andrea Maria Giori, Head of Research & Development, together with Giuseppe Celiberti, General Manager, collected the recognition which aims to underline the value and reward the co-creation as a model of sustainable development, in perfect harmony with technological evolution.

IBSA’s and Pharmafilm’s innovation project”, commented Giori, “is a virtuous example of open innovation, of a collaboration that combines basic university research and industrial research, both Italian. The chain – research, development, industrialisation and production – is entirely Made in Italy: the orodispersible film is produced at IBSA’s plant in Cassina de’ Pecchi for the national and global market”.

But what benefits will this innovation bring to patients? Let’s take a closer look at the overall scenario. Today we know that adherence to therapy is as essential as the therapy itself; in other words, the more patients’ therapy is made easier through simple intake solutions, the more they will correctly follow the treatment plan indicated by their doctor. Formulations such as tablets or capsules are not always associated with good compliance or, more simply, they are poorly suited to certain patients, as in the case of the elderly and children. The latter, in fact, because of a possible dysphagiaor the difficulty in swallowing solids – could find it difficult to take capsules or tablets. Furthermore, for pediatric patients, syrups are used as an alternative, which however have a significant load of sugars and excipients and which make the correct dosage more difficult. Based on this new technology, IBSA conceived – and will continue to develop – an entire range of drugs and food supplements (IBSA FilmTec®), in order to “expand treatment opportunities” through the simplification of administration.

As the same Giori explained, underlying IBSA’s research and innovation is the idea of combining the excellence of the active ingredients with a simpler and more functional “administration medium”: We are aiming at using technological innovation and the excellence of Italian scientific research to develop “drugs in the best form”: new administration solutions for a greater compliance and therapeutic adherence”.

IBSA scaled Pharmafilm’s technology and, through its industrialisation, launched a range of drugs and food supplements (IBSA FilmTec®). The chain is 100% Italian: from basic research to industrial development, up to the production, which is carried out in IBSA’s Italian plants. The portfolio is under continuous development, together with the progress of IBSA’s congenital innovative and winning spirit.