Cutting-edge technology and a strong drive for innovation: IBSA’s plant in Cassina de’ Pecchi to be expanded

Innovate, grow, evolve, in order to create cutting-edge solutions for the well-being of people: it’s based on this mind-set that IBSA Italy runs the pharmaceutical production of its plants. In particular, the Cassina de’ Pecchi site is a clear example of this drive towards constant excellence, which has always been part of the company’s DNA.

The plant boasts twenty years of experience in the production of medicated plasters with Drug-in-adhesive technology for topical and transdermal administration, as well as patches with natural active ingredients, for cosmetic and medical device applications. With the advancement of technology, the production of plasters has been joined by the orodispersible film (ODF) line, through the implementation of what today represents one of IBSA’s flagships, i.e. the production of drugs and supplements in the pharmaceutical form of ultrathin films, which dissolve quickly on the tongue, without the need for water. A production which, precisely because of its innovative characteristics, requires a know-how and expertise which, apart from IBSA, only a few other companies in the world can ensure.

This patented technology effectively responds to the needs of people who have swallowing difficulties (such as the elderly or children) and is convenient and easy to take, especially when away from home, thus simplifying daily intake and improving adherence to therapy.

From their first launch in 2020 to date, the lines of drugs and supplements in orodispersible films have met with growing success, and are increasingly appreciated precisely for their many advantages. To meet the growing market demands, an expansion of the ODF/nutraceutical secondary packaging area of the Cassina de’ Pecchi plant was started, in order to support the necessary increase in production. In particular, the construction of an adjacent external structure was started, with a surface area of ​​approximately 170 m2 and a production volume of 510 m3; today, after the necessary approvals, the plant operates at full capacity.

The creation of a structure to house production machinery required a great deal of effort at various levels: the entire project in fact involved several company functions, and it was an actual team effort, which involved the Technical Operations teams: Engineering, Production, HSE – Health, Safety & Environment (clearly focused so that the new space was in line with safety regulations and environmental sustainability standards), in synergy with the Quality and Regulatory teams. Once again, a concrete example of how critical everyone’s collaboration is to effectively achieve the set goals.

Furthermore, the expansion of the site and the increase in production was followed by an increase in production personnel. In two years, in fact, the number of collaborators has grown by 20%, to allow IBSA to be ever more efficient in responding to the demands of the market, and therefore to better satisfy the needs of patients. And there’s more news: in fact, another department – which will generate a further expansion of the building – is being realized.

IBSA’s plant in Cassina de’ Pecchi