Corporate Social Responsibility

The culture of sustainability in Italy: involvement of IBSA Farmaceutici in 8 out of the 17 2030 SDGs

A company heavily involved in the sustainability goals, whose human resources are convinced of their own commitment, both personal and professional. This is the picture emerging from IBSA Farmaceutici’s results of Esg Culture Lab’s survey The culture of sustainability in Italy, carried out by Eikon Strategic Consulting Italia, in collaboration with the Adnkronos Group. The objective of the survey was to investigate both the involvement of people within their private and professional life and the commitment of institutions and organisations with respect to the 2030 SDGs.

The response from IBSA people was very positive: 285 collaborators participated in the survey, almost all of whom met online, during a webinar, to analyse the main results that emerged. Great satisfaction was expressed by Daria Catellani, Head of Human Resources IBSA Farmaceutici, Patricia Puppi, Sr. Corporate Communication & CSR Manager IBSA Farmaceutici, Silvia Misiti, Head of Corporate Communication & CSR and Director of the IBSA Foundation for scientific research, and by Christophe Almeida Direito, Senior Corporate Responsibility & Real Estate Manager IBSA Group.

Daria Catellani underlined how important (and also not at all predictable) it is to be able to count on a great heritage of values – to be found among the company population – made up of commitment and enthusiasm for sustainability. Patrizia Puppi and Silvia Misiti also emphasised the positivity of the opportunities for discussion like this in the life of the company, referring both to the survey and to the online webinar, but also to the very nice outcome in terms of perception of the future. Finally, Almeida Direito added that the findings of the survey are the best prerequisite for the new sustainability plan the company is adopting.

Responding to the narrative incentives (capable of detecting spontaneous and less self-aware behaviours), each one told their story of Eden from the perspective of the ESG pillars: Environmental, Social and Governance.

The survey on the culture of sustainability in IBSA was compared with the results of the research on a national level on a sample of employees. The culture of sustainability in Italy found an involvement in 8 out of the 17 2030 SDGs.

The survey explored the personal involvement (PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT) and the professional one (PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENT), the judgment on IBSA (ORGANIZATIONAL ENGAGEMENT) and on institutions (INSTITUTIONAL ENGAGEMENT). The survey was carried out with the CAWI method. The data was processed anonymously. Each participant received their own outcome in relation to their PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT.



Compared with the national data, the personal involvement of IBSA people was greater; 82% of the answers relating to the personal sphere express a proactive orientation. In their own words, the people of IBSA are committed to (49%) or focused on (33%) the environmental and social sustainability goals.


Seventy nine percent of the answers express a strong involvement in IBSA’s sustainability goals, versus 58% in the national survey. The improvement characterises both the environmental and the social areas.


Eighty three percent of the answers describe IBSA as focused on (43%) or committed to (40%) ESG goals, versus 62% in the national survey. The improvement concerns the environmental and governance contexts.

The INSTITUTIONAL ENGAGEMENT of IBSA people is aligned with the data from the national sample. The institutions are considered less virtuous.

The survey finally also revealed the ORIENTATION TOWARDS THE FUTURE. The data confirms a very positive attitude, while bringing out the vision of a future to be built together.