Human capital and technological know-how: the strong points of IBSA Farmaceutici’s production at Lodi

Innovation and technology are, in particular, the elements that distinguish the manufacturing sites in Lodi and Cassina de’ Pecchi: two plants that follow two different and specific production lines – each with peculiar characteristics and criticalities – that ensure very high quality and safety standards, thanks to the great attention paid to each individual process, thus representing one of the excellencies of the Made in Italy pharmaceutical production worldwide.

The secret of this excellence is the mix of some ingredients: on the one hand the industrial technological know-how, on the other the human capital, who guide and govern the processes. It’s the coordination and synergy created over time between the people working in the two plants that have made production activities increasingly effective and functional, despite the specificities characterising the works. Today we find out what are the peculiarities of the Lodi plant, whereas in the near future we will analyse the characteristics of the Cassina de’ Pecchi site.

Human capital and technological know-how: strong points of IBSA Farmaceutici’s production


Acquired by IBSA Group in 2001, the Lodi manufacturing plant specialises in the production of soft capsules, pre-filled syringes and in the development of Bag on Valve (BoV) packaging technology for topical preparations, such as creams and gels. Thanks to the presence of one-of-a-kind machinery, custom-designed for the production of IBSA products, the site is characterised by great innovation, high quality standards and a strong drive towards internationalisation: indeed, thanks to the know-how and the extensive knowledge of its 185 collaborators, the site’s production is then exported to over 90 countries worldwide.

People are a key element of the entire industrial process, as explained by Roberto Maglio, Sr. Site Manager of Lodi and Cassina de’ Pecchi:The Quality pillar – on which IBSA does not compromise and which is oriented towards a continuous improvement by following, and sometimes anticipating, the evolution of the industry regulation – remains unmovable. And all of this cannot exist without People as part of a group. Only by working together, side by side, is it possible to achieve the great results that distinguish us today”.

The production lines of the Lodi plant are at the forefront in terms of technology and eco-environmental sustainability, and the significant investments made in the modernisation of the industrial plants and in the process lines allowed to achieve high standards of effectiveness. The control of quality and of the preservation of these standards is a heart-felt issue for the entire company, which to such process dedicates constant attention, accuracy and a rigorous daily commitment.

Indeed, in 2022 IBSA Farmaceutici was audited by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the Regulatory Authority that approves the marketing of drugs and medical devices in the United States. The purpose of the FDA inspection was to evaluate the Marketing Authorization of a hyaluronic acid-based medical device in a vial-syringe for intra-articular use, an objective which was successfully achieved.

The pharmaceutical products of the Lodi plant not only serve the US market, but directly supply other markets including, in addition to Italy, UK, several Eastern European countries – such as Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland – and the Scandinavian countries, as well as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Korea, to name a few.

The Lodi Plant