antares: an increasingly closer star

One year after the “laying of the first stone” and the start of the construction site, it’s time to take stock of the project antares, the redevelopment of the Lodi headquarters of IBSA Italy and the surrounding spaces. An intervention that required a 12 million investment and which is changing the face of an entire area, redesigning the offices, the warehouse and the production plant according to the most advanced standards of energy and environmental sustainability.

The expansion project was created to respond to the new needs of IBSA Italy, which is experiencing a constant growth in terms of market demands, production and company population. The works concern primarily the internal offices, redesigned from a contemporary perspective: large open spaces to ensure flexibility and modularity; integration of accessory spaces to support daily activities; sound-absorbing panels to help find the right concentration; lighting designed to avoid tiring the eyes; up to the provision of spaces for leisure and areas where sharing, interaction and networking can flow freely. Every detail has been designed to ensure people’s well-being and give each of IBSA’s collaborators – and future new resources – the opportunity to work in a pleasant, dynamic and efficient environment.

Also in the construction site the focus is on the well-being of people, in search of a best place to work. Attention to safety standards is at the highest level, and we try to minimise the inconveniences caused by the works, such as noise, vibrations and disturbances.

The construction site is in a constant flurry of activity and the first progress and changes can already be seen on the outside: the construction of the external car park continues; the confinement walls between the areas have been built, and the relevant plastering carried out; the air treatment units that will serve the new segments of the building have been installed; and so on.

antares is a project that goes far beyond the simple redevelopment of an area: indeed, it’s the tangible expression of IBSA’s philosophy: innovation, sustainability, beauty, along with a solid growth and eyes constantly focused towards the future. A vision that is realised through a modern structure, which aims to fit into the urban and social context, protecting environmental resources and paying attention to the well-being of people – those who work at IBSA, but also the community in a broader sense – with a positive impact on productivity, quality of work, drive to the creation of new jobs and sharing of spaces that can be used by all.