Top 200 confirms IBSA Italy as the only pharmaceutical enterprise among the 10 best companies

Top 200 confirms IBSA Italy as the only pharmaceutical enterprise among the 10 best companies

Also this year, the Top 200 Dossier defined the rating by turnover of the companies in the province of Lodi. Created by Assolombarda in collaboration with the auditing and consulting firm PwC, Banco BPM and the newspaper Il Cittadino di Lodi, the ranking collects the excellence of the Lodi entrepreneurship and draws an accurate picture of the growth within its economic and social fabric.

For the sixth consecutive year, IBSA Italy is confirmed among the top ten companies in the sector survey, emerging as the only pharmaceutical company in the ranking capable of driving economic growth, attracting investments and contributing to local social progress. Here the ranking.

Top 200 confirms IBSA Italy as the only pharmaceutical enterprise among the 10 best companies

The analysis is based on the processing of the 2022 financial statements of the top 200 companies, sorted by turnover, and on the survey concerning the prospects of Lodi companies. IBSA Italy presents a constantly growing trend: despite the international economic situation, the company has found the key to evolve and – thanks to innovation and its scientific and technological know-how – has been able to establish itself as one of the Italian excellences in the pharmaceutical field, both nationally and internationally. Cutting-edge production and innovation, attention to people, sustainability: these were the cornerstones of a growth that led IBSA Italy to reach today a turnover of € 314,153,588 and a company population of over 600 collaborators; a growth that made it necessary to implement a broad investment plan – currently equal to € 15 million – to redevelop and expand the company headquarters in Lodi, in order to support development, in terms of both infrastructure and human resources.

Starting from this year, an even more specific survey has been added to the traditional analysis of economic indices: it’s the evaluation of the role of women in the world of work, gender and salary equality, social inclusion and equity in professional development opportunities.


The company has always invested in these issues, with the aim of achieving gender equality and ensuring female empowerment. IBSA Italy strongly believes in the great competence of its female collaborators: 47% of the people currently employed in the company are women, a figure which – in the Research & Development division – reaches 70%, distributed in the laboratories of Lodi, Cassina de’ Pecchi and Ariano Irpino as researchers, analysts and experts specialised in different fields. With their own know-how, but above all thanks to their distinctive passion and dedication, IBSA Italy’s female researchers make a significant contribution to a company that continues to make of innovation one of its major pillars.

In the words of Giuseppe Celiberti, General Manager of IBSA Italy: “Human resource is the critical part of our corporate context. Over 600 people make up IBSA Italy’s team, with a 47% of gender balance and 70% of women employed in research. These continuously growing numbers go hand in hand with IBSA’s robust expansion, allowing us to build a cohesive team, full of talents capable of making a concrete contribution to the development of our company”.

Many are the women who hold top roles within IBSA Italy. The female leadership is a source of pride for the company, which believes in its own resources and recognises their merits, encouraging personal and professional growth and, at the same time, committing itself to ensuring a work environment conducive to this growth, supporting work-life balance and diversity as a value.

Created to collect testimonies, experiences and expectations directly from the company’s female collaborators, the latest project born in IBSA Italy to support these themes – IBSA For Women – corroborates a concrete commitment aimed at breaking down gender gap and creating a more equal society: a commitment that IBSA Italy pursues with determination and confidence.

Work life balance.

The IBSA for Women project is aimed at enhancing and supporting a new “work dimension”, where the critical role of all its female collaborators can emerge, both on a professional and a personal and social level. For this purpose, the company decided to listen directly to the voices of women – with different company professional profiles, different ages and different personal paths – collecting ideas, insights, desires, needs and reflections on this topic.

Top 200 confirms IBSA Italy as the only pharmaceutical enterprise among the 10 best companies