IBSA for Women: our R&D women

Women, but also passionate scientists and researchers animated by plenty of curiosity and gifted with great brilliance, capable of really making a difference. And precisely to these women, who today work at IBSA Italy, is dedicated the #IBSAforWomen campaign, the project that aims to enhance the talent of the many women who play a key role within the company on a daily basis. Watch the first episode here.

The women-STEM combination has not always been a topical issue: for a very long time STEM – acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – disciplines have been considered as purely male, but the scenario is changing. More and more girls today are approaching courses in these subjects, more and more women are aiming for professions in the scientific field, and to establish themselves in increasingly important roles in this sector. It’s like that in IBSA, where ambition and the desire to do something concrete for the benefit of patients becomes a real opportunity, for many female researchers a dream coming true.

IBSA strongly believes in the great competence of its female personnel: 47% of the people currently employed in the company are women and the Research & Development division is made up of 70%, divided into the laboratories of Lodi, Cassina de’ Pecchi and Ariano Irpino as researchers, analysts, experts specialised in various fields. With their know-how, but above all thanks to their characteristic passion and dedication, IBSA female researchers can make a significant contribution to a company that continues to consider innovation one of its fundamental pillars.

There are also many women who hold top positions within IBSA. There female leadership is a source of pride for the company, which believes in their resources and recognises their merits, promoting their personal and professional growth and, at the same time, committing itself to ensuring a work environment conducive to this growth, supporting work-life balance and diversity as a value.

IBSA for Women: our R&D women