Awareness campaign

RaccontARTi 2.0: the patient engagement project continues

Following the resounding success of the Raccontarti mini-series with Georgette Polizzi, which ended last April, it is now time to hear the testimonies of patients collected by the BabyHeART community. Raccontarti 2.0 is the new IBSA Italy patient engagement project focussed on fertility, a 4-episode mini-series featuring couples from the BabyHeART community who, in talking about their own experiences, hope to give support and courage to all couples undertaking a course of PMA.  

"Through this campaign, IBSA Italy wishes to once again demonstrate, to all couples, that a diagnosis of infertility does not necessarily mean that they cannot realise their dream of becoming parents," says Nicole Caserta, Product Manager, Human Reproduction at IBSA Italy, " and that we are committed to offering them concrete support on their journey to becoming parents. Medically Assisted Procreation is a challenging path to take, where negative feelings are also exacerbated by burdensome prejudices, which can be overcome when one becomes aware that wanting to be parents is the couple’s decision, and something to be proud of.

It is important that couples do not feel alone and, although doctors can offer support and clinical expertise, learning of the experiences of other couples who have faced or are facing the same challenges can help them overcome the darkest moments, renew their trust in the future and fuel their hope of finally being able to hold their child in their arms.  Read more about the project and watch the full video at this link: