RaccontARTi 2.0: the patient engagement project continues

26 September 2023

Dopo il grande successo riscosso dalla miniserie Raccontarti con Georgette Polizzi, che si è chiusa lo scorso aprile, è ora il momento di ascoltare le testimonianze dei pazienti raccolte dalla community di BabyHeART. Raccontarti 2.0 è il nuovo progetto di patient engagement di IBSA Italy dedicato alla fertilità, una miniserie di 4 episodi che vedrà protagoniste alcune coppie provenienti dalla community di BabyHeART che, raccontando la loro esperienza desiderano dare sostegno e coraggio a tutte le coppie che intraprendono un percorso di PMA.

Medically Assisted Procreation is a challenging path to take, where negative feelings are also exacerbated by burdensome prejudices, which can be overcome when one becomes aware that wanting to be parents is the couple’s decision, and something to be proud of. It is important that couples do not feel alone and, although doctors can offer support and clinical expertise, learning of the experiences of other couples who have faced or are facing the same challenges can help them overcome the darkest moments, renew their trust in the future and fuel their hope of finally being able to hold their child in their arms. Read more about the project and watch the full video 

In the second story of the patient engagement project RaccontArti 2.0, as part of the BabyHeART initiative, Moira tells us about her journey as a PMA, who, thanks to the support of her family and other women she met online, chose to take the path of egg donation which, today, allowed her to become a mother. A heartfelt story that excites her through the story of a woman who managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.