Play True Day

IBSA Farmaceutici supports “Play True Day”, the initiative sponsored by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), that wants to celebrate the importance of “play fair” at all levels and to prevente the use (or abuse) of doping substances and medicines to enhance performance. This year the event reaches its tenth edition with the digital campaign #OnePlayTrueTeam, which invites all stakeholders to come together in one big team to play and achieve the goal of free and fair sport. This concept is in line with the principles of IBSA Farmaceutici, which has always promoted a culture inspired by the healthy values of sport. For years, the company has been at the side of professional and amateur athletes who love sport and want to achieve excellence thanks to their prowess. When practising sport, it’s not the winning or losing that counts, but commitment – while respecting health and shared rules.

In line with this principle, IBSA Farmaceutici ensures effective therapeutic aids that relieve pain without affecting performance, in compliance with current regulations. The hyaluronic acid products for injection therapy manufactured by IBSA Farmaceutici are the first medical devices to have obtained Play Sure Doping Free certification, which guarantees a formulation free of any doping elements or substances. To demonstrate this commitment to supporting and promoting a healthy sport culture, during the event “Impatto del Doping sulla Salute Fisica e Mentale” [The Impact of Doping on Physical and Mental Health] at the Department of Pharmacy of Federico II University of Naples, IBSA Farmaceutici was awarded a prize by the association No Doping Life, as a virtuous company in the fight against doping.