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Thyroid and nutrition: starts new season of Non dire tiroide!


Once more, IBSA Farmaceutici supports the successful format of the "Non dire tiroide" campaign, launched with the aim of promoting correct information on thyroid disorders. The theme of this special edition is nutrition.


It is essential to deepen such a predominant aspect because those who suffer from thyroid disorders must pay much attention to nutrition and this theme is able to arouse a high interest in those who seek information on thyroid diseases.


'Nutrition and thyroid' are in fact one of the most searched topics on search engines, but it is not easy to identify really reliable content among the mass of information available on the web. 


The aim of this initiative is therefore to provide correct answers and clarify users' doubts, at the same time countering the spread of false myths circulating on the web.


With the fun and light tone that has always distinguished the campaign format, the famous comedian and cabaret artist from Zelig Paolo Labati went to Bologna for the 2023 special edition, to interview passers-by and probe their knowledge about the link between thyroid and nutrition. 


Each of the 10 video pills resulting from the interviews deals with a particular aspect of this link. The episodes end with the intervention of Professor Chiara Graziadio, Specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases and Medical Director at AU Federico II Napoli.



Many details on nutrition that will be treated, such as iodine deficiency, ultraprocessed foods, nutrition during pregnancy, etc., and that will provide food for thought and useful information for all those who follow us and who have problems with the thyroid. Proper nutrition certainly represents the first fundamental value for safeguarding one's health.


Chiara Graziadio gives advice and information on the specific topic in each video as well as providing the correct answer to the questions. Watch the episodes and find out more about the “Non dire tiroide” initiative, go to the dedicated section