Life Science Excellence Awards: the innovation of IBSA FilmTec® technology wins hands down


With the project “La tecnologia FilmTec® per una nuova linea di integratori alimentari” (FilmTec® technology for a new line of food supplements), IBSA Farmaceutici has been awarded the prize for the “Best Consumer Health Project of the Year” category, standing out in the pharmaceutical and medical device segment amongst excellences and ground-breaking products. This is another great success achieved by a patented technology resulting from true commitment and made in Italy excellence. Stemming from the collaboration between IBSA Farmaceutici and Pharmafilm, a spin-off of the University of Milan, IBSA FilmTec® has been designed with the aim of developing an innovative oral formulation for easier ingestion of food supplements that are “as thin as film”.

IBSA Farmaceutici is today one of the few companies worldwide that can formulate medicines or food supplements in orodispersible film – ultra-thin stamp-sized sheets that are made from polymeric materials and contain the active ingredient. When placed in the oral cavity, as the film meets saliva, it dissolves in just a few dozen seconds, allowing for rapid absorption of the active ingredient. Simple, quick, and practical, it is a unique administration method in this market segment. At present, the range of orodispersible film food supplements consists of three options: Vitamin B, Vitamin B12 and Melatonin, which join the already available Vitamin D3, marketed in 2020, and Iron, more recently launched and made available at chemists just a few weeks ago. The “film” supplements can be taken anywhere, any time of the day, without water. Pleasant in taste and well- suited to different ages, they are ideal for those who suffer from dysphagia or are often out of home.

“I am extremely proud to collect the Best Consumer Health Project of the Year prize for the second year running”, said Sabrina Gorassini - Product Manager in the IBSA Farmaceutici Consumer Health Division. “With the hard work of the whole team, we intend to develop recognition of FilmTec® technology and “take to the podium” of the top three market players in food supplements of vitamin D, vitamin B, melatonin, and iron, reaching new international markets”.