Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA celebrates 'Movember', the month dedicated to men's health and prevention

November changes name and becomes Movember the month dedicated to men's health and prevention. It started in 2003 in Australia, by combining 'moustache' and 'November', to indicate a worldwide movement for raising awareness about men's health and, in particular, the prevention of urogenital cancer.

Male health is a topic which is often neglected and underestimated. Men are statistically less likely to seek medical help and to talk openly about their problems, especially if they involve more intimate spheres. According to data from the project SAM - men's health by the Veronesi Foundation in Italy less than 5% of under-20s have had a urological examination (in contrast to female peers: 40% of girls under 20 have had at least one gynaecological examination). A trend that does not improve with age: in fact, eight out of ten Italian men have never consulted a urologist, and those who do, rarely do so for preventive purposes, but rather when they are afflicted by ailments or symptoms that they can no longer ignore. This results in many sub-symptomatic diseases not being detected in time.

IBSA Italy 'plays in attack' in the field of men's health and well-being, supporting educational initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns, such as #regalatevilasalute aimed at young couples and realised with the support of Lega Basket Serie A and the educational and informative digital project Ticket To Love winner of the "Excellence in Life Science" for the Best Digital Campaign 2023 category, focusing on men's sexual health. An active commitment, perfectly in line with the guiding philosophy of the Movember movement which considers sexual well-being fundamental to health itself. Sexual well-being understood not only in its medical meaning of the absence of disease, but examined in a broader context, encompassing the intimate, affective and emotional spheres that underlie everyone's well-being. Topics that are also central to the new initiative #NeParliamoNoi realised as part of the Ticket To Love project, aimed at promoting education and dialogue on men's sexual health and rights, in collaboration with Dr. Nicola Macchione - Urologist-Andrologist specialist, author of the book 'Simple Sex' and active populariser, online since September 2023 on Instagram channels.