Innovation as a distinctive element of corporate identity

Luca Crippa a confronto con gli studenti del Master in Design the Digital Strategy del Politecnico di Milano gestito da

The closeness between IBSA and the Master in Design the Digital Strategy of the Politecnico di Milano, managed by POLI.DESIGN underlines the importance that the Company recognises to education, as well as to the need for a direct interaction between business and academia. The young people who are being educated today are the resources on which the Company will be able to count tomorrow; for this reason, IBSA intends to offer emerging talents the tools to understand the working scenario they will be part of.

Innovation is not just the process that leads a company to find new, better, more effective ways to meet the needs it has to satisfy. “Innovation” is also the term which Luca Crippa – CEO and Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici – has chosen to discuss with the students of the Master in Design the Digital Strategy of the Politecnico di Milano, managed by POLI.DESIGN.

The Luca Crippa’s speech part of the “Inspiring” module of the Master, thanks to the collaboration with Giulia Sormani - Technical Director, Marco Ronchi - Co-founder and Silvia Barozzi - Didactic Coordinator, was an opportunity to analyse in detail the topic of maintaining corporate identity when undergoing a transformation.

In this spirit the Company supported the event, the players and all the fans involved, in a match that had everyone on the edge of their seats till the very end. 

Participation in the Master in Design the Digital Strategy is in fact the last chronological step of a partnership between the Company and the Politecnico di Milano, which began in 2020 thanks to the collaboration with Twig, independent consultant in strategic design, marketing and communication, and main partner of the Master. Together with Twig, IBSA had enrolled the students for the workshop “Designing the Digital Identity. Cosmetics, brands and co-design on stage at the Politecnico di Milano”, a project through which 6 young designers developed 3 data-driven visual identity proposals for an IBSA cosmetic product being launched on the Italian market.

For us at IBSA, innovating means understanding the needs of patients and improving their quality of life, through the development of effective solutions”, said Luca Crippa. Innovation – which is also one of our pillars – is what allows us to respond to the actual needs of patients, while facilitating the healthcare professionals who take care of them”.