IBSA Farmaceutici promotes the values of sport such as passion, commitment and dedication.



Sport helped us to overcome lockdown anxiety and stress, toss hope over difficulties and feel everything a little less steady during the last two years.
We played sport at home, in the garden or few meters from our place so as not to surrender to a virus that seemed stronger, bigger than everything and everyone. We have trained ourselves not to accept such an unfair fate, we have harnessed energies to be unleashed when it would be all over. Sport became a collective, like singing from the balconies or becoming a last minute pastry chefs.




Then finally summer came with the first victories. We found ourselves cheering for a penalty scored and saved in a revival of the magical 90’s nights. It seemed that destiny wanted to unite us in joy and exultations with every victory: the first Italian at Wimbledon’s final, the fastest Italian runner in the world. We saw a record of Olympic medals in 19 different disciplines, like there was a winning place for everyone in this unforgettable summer. We were moved by the 69 Paralympic medals and their painful stories made of strength and bravery.




This summer taught us that sport and its stories are about courage, sacrifice, perseverance, while going beyond limits and fighting. An entire country found in every sport event a way to connect each other into an emotional hug waiting for a real one. Sport has always been a key point of our philosophy and this summer IBSA Farmaceutici was even happier to share its sporting commitment with our partners Sampdoria Calcio and the Zebre Rugby Club, with the LBA Serie A basketball league - that we support as medical sponsor.