Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA Farmaceutici towards the "plastic free" goal

IBSA Farmaceutici’s path towards sustainability is marked by small but concrete gestures. Many stages that every day bring it closer to its goal: to be a responsible company, with a positive impact on people, the community and the planet.

It’s a long and not always easy path, because it requires changes, a lot of commitment and, above all, the involvement of all collaborators, in order for a new shared awareness to be sown and grown. IBSA Farmaceutici has already embarked on this path through various projects and initiatives, the last of which is aimed at raising awareness among employees of the reduction of single-use plastics.

Starting in September, in fact, the company has planned to reduce the number of water bottles available in vending machines, aiming to eliminate up to eighty thousand bottles annually purchased by the over 500 employees. All IBSA collaborators, including external forces, will receive a reusable steel thermal bottle, customisable with their own name. In addition, dispensers will be installed directly connected to the city water network, that will supply purified and micro filtered water, both natural and sparkling. Each time a bottle is filled, the emission of 0.08 kg of CO2 EQ into the atmosphere will be avoided: this is in fact the quantity of CO2 emitted during the production of a disposable plastic bottle.

This is a small but significant gesture, which over time will synergise with further initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental impact”, commented Mariassunta Fiori, HSE Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici. “It is important to promote new habits, that each employee can in turn introduce to their family and friends, thus promoting a positive change. Sustainability, respect for the environment, protection of the planet are not abstract words, but a goal that we can only achieve with the contribution of everyone, every day”.

The elimination of disposable plastic bottles has also already been included in the company canteen service available to employees. In this case, IBSA provided for the replacement of plastic water bottles with containers made of compostable material or aluminium, in order to facilitate their recycling. A demonstration of the fact that together – company, suppliers, collaborators – we can make a difference.