IBSA Farmaceutici cares about sport: our new commitment to Mi Games

Spectacular games, impressive locations, athletes from all over Italy: this is Mi Games, Italy's biggest sports tour. 
Mi Games was born from the idea of a group of young people from Milan, who in 2014 decided to create an event that combined football, basketball, and beach volleyball games in one place. The event has grown over time into what is now the biggest sports tour in Italy, involving over 7,000 amateur athletes and more than 900 teams. This year the MI Games has reached its ninth edition, with football, basketball, and beach volleyball tournaments united under the claim: 'Live the City, Live the Sport', which is the depiction that is possible for everyone to play sport and, at the same time, live the city.


IBSA believes in the project and in the core values of MI Games summarized by the claim "Live the City, Live the Sport", so it is proud to join MI Games’ world as a Platinum Sponsor.
IBSA is proud to be a sponsor of Italy's biggest sports tour, as the values of sport, such as passion and perseverance, are also the values in which IBSA strongly believes and recognizes itself.  Since promoting sport means investing on health.

Torneo Ping Pong a Santa Margherita Ligure