IBSA and its People

10 January 2022

IBSA supports professional growth by promoting a supportive environment with an outstanding attention to its Person. In this context, the Company looks with pride at the strong spirit of identification of its collaborators thanks to corporate values such as collaboration, trust, empathy, planning, experience and responsibility.
From these premises was created the project "Through People", a video storytelling made of the interviews to the Line Managers that enhance work, passion and commitment of all IBSA collaborators for the care and the well-being of patients and community.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ALL VIDEO INTERVIEWS collected  to make the contents available and to testify how the Company is dedicated to the development of the human and professional potential of its collaborators by promoting dialogue and share as sources of enrichment.

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Through "virtual company visits" the entire project makes possible to understand how ingenuity, creativity, courage and teamwork have guaranteed the development of IBSA Farmaceutici and the achievement of ambitious goals in an increasingly competitive pharmaceutical sector.