Aree Terapeutiche


The aesthetic medicine division of IBSA Farmaceutici, one of the global leaders in the production of hyaluronic acid, offers a new approach to beauty, moving away from all the stereotypes known until now. IBSA Derma becomes a mouthpiece for an authentic beauty that comes from within and spreads through the skin. A beauty to be preserved and, above all, celebrated, because it respects individual essence, enhances differences and preserves uniqueness: "Everyone is a masterpiece".

The TV commercial was produced to satisfy the need to narrate this vision which knows no boundaries and unites women all over the world and the entire universe. In the video, the implicit invitation to the viewer is to accept her own beauty, its being the result of passing time. In this sense, the body is represented as a work of art, the profiles and details of which are highlighted and enhanced. The brand's core values emerge from the storytelling: innovation, continuous research and expertise in the production of ultrapure hyaluronic acid. 

“IBSA derma's objective is to put women and their essence at the centre, in the hope of inspiring a desire to rediscover and enhance their uniqueness. This is what makes each one of us a true masterpiece.” says Maria Bisogni, Marketing&Communication Manager of the Dermoaesthetic Division.

The commercial, aired on major TV channels, is part of an integrated campaign involving both social and digital networks.