Aree Terapeutiche

Global campaign that invites people to enhance their uniqueness, through their lips


Lips are a key element of beauty, a completely personal means of expression where you can convey emotions of different intensities and most importantly show your EGO. That is why IBSA Derma created Egolips: a series of approaches that aim to preserve the authentic beauty of the lips to reflect the individual’s personality because if the EGO is shown on the lips in a unique way, only an equally personalized approach can enhance them. For IBSA Derma, there are 3 manifestations of the EGO on the lips: Essential, Glamour and Outstanding - where each describes a personality. Each individual can therefore identify with one of these characteristics, in one of the Egos from which EGOLIPS draws inspiration. A curious surprise but also food for thought is that the global campaign takes place in a social context where aesthetic stereotypes prevail and lips are overexposed through the digital mirror. With #Egolips, IBSA Derma invites you to remember to preserve your uniqueness. 

This message is presented to the world through a transversal digital strategy and video content that explains how the lips express an EGO that is made of emotions. The video “hero” launched the campaign and the 3 characteristics were defined with a parallelism between volumes and shapes, expressions and personalities.This was continued through an Instagram filter that enables users to find out which EGO emerges from their lips, while the website is the landing point for activities where people can also learn more about the individual Egolips protocols. The Egolips campaign involves 13 countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East, and has plans that soon could include others. Once again IBSA Derma is the spokesperson for the ideal of real beauty, faithful to the values of uniqueness and authenticity and, therefore, pursued by everybody.