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In the showcase of the 24th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Agorà 2022 (Milan, 6-8 October), IBSA Derma will be one of the protagonists of the interdisciplinary interaction with the leading Scientific Societies related to Aesthetic Medicine. Indeed, the Dermoaesthetics Division of IBSA Farmaceutici will take part in the “VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS AND DEBATES OF CLINICAL CASES” panel, with a focus on the new non-surgical approach to body laxity. Friday, October 7 will be engaged in the workshop "new combinations to enhance the harmony and uniqueness of the lips, SPEAKER: Riccardo Forte".
Its participation in the event testifies to the important commitment of the Company to promoting a new concept of authentic beauty, based on an increasingly innovative, safe and effective Aesthetic Medicine, which cures and prevents without disrupting. 
“Thanks to research, scientific know-how and the development of innovative products, we are able to offer concrete answers, while promoting a new, safer and more effective approach to aesthetic medicine. In fact, IBSA Derma’s international expansion process has confirmed our strategy, aimed at enhancing authentic beauty, synonymous with a well-being that comes from within and radiates through the skin”, said Giuliano Cucchi, Commercial Manager Direct Operations.

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IBSA exports its Made-in-Italy know-how to over 90 countries around the world, to share beauty, innovation and sustainability. 
And it is precisely in terms of sustainability that IBSA Derma’s commitment turns pink, thus becoming even stronger and more special. 
INSIEME PER LA SALUTE DELLE DONNE (“TOGETHER FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH”) is indeed the claim that the Aesthetic Medicine division has decided to back as a partner, in order to offer its support to the scientific research of the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi.  Through the solidarity project PINK IS GOOD, at least one scholarship will be offered to a young researcher in the oncology area, in particular for the research of ovarian and uterine cancers, in order to facilitate the progress of diagnostics and treatments.  "At IBSA we work every day to promote a concept of authentic beauty synonymous with well-being because each of us is a masterpiece.  We are proud to support Agorà and the project INSIEME PER LA SALUTE DELLE DONNE, in support of the scientific research of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi" - said Mariagela Cataneo - Operative Business Specialist. 

Attention to the Person is an essential value in the culture of IBSA, a company which, with this initiative, once again tangibly proves the value of “doing”.