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IBSA celebrates Global Day of Parents

On 1st June, the world celebrates Global Day of Parents, established by the UN in 2012 to highlight the value of their commitment and dedication to children.
Parenting is a difficult ‘job’; perhaps the most difficult one there is. It’s certainly demanding: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with huge responsibilities. It’s a rewarding commitment, however. The joy of seeing your children grow and, for some, the knowledge of having created a life, of having - in a certain sense - performed a ‘miracle’.

Becoming a parent is, however, an arduous goal for many people. According to the World Health Organization, infertility affects about 15% of couples in Italy and about 12% worldwide. ISTAT* data shows that in Italy people are becoming mothers at an increasingly older age. The average is 31.4 years, with younger women postponing motherhood, perhaps not fully aware that fertility is closely correlated with age and begins to decline well before the menopause. 

Reproductive Medicine offers numerous solutions to support those with infertility problems who face a sometimes-difficult journey to realising their dream of becoming parents. 

IBSA Farmaceutici is at the forefront in supporting the desire for parenthood. It is sensitive to the needs of couples wishing to have a birth child and is committed to supporting them through Assisted Reproductive Technology by offering not only treatments, but also innovative services. 
The IBSA BabyHeART digital communication campaign, launched a year ago, is an important information and insight tool entirely dedicated to the topic of infertility and medically assisted procreation. 

*ISTAT - Birth rate and fertility of the resident population, 2020. Available in Italian at: