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'E ti dirò’: hypothyroidism as you've never heard of it

"E ti dirò...IBSA RACCONTA", the podcast - based on the namesake Web series - promoted by IBSA Farmaceutici, is now on Spotify. It shows how quality of life and management of hypothyroidism can be combined. 
A story with six different protagonists, in terms of age, habits, paths and lifestyles. They will share their personal stories, how they dealt with (and solved) their health problems, and how they lead a full life without any sacrifices, despite their illness. 
There will also be an educational part, which has already been published on After each episode, listeners will receive a series of valuable tips and information on the various aspects of hypothyroidism, with the contribution of leading university professors of endocrinology. 
“E ti dirò”: what will Sole, Erika and Stefano, Elsa, Palmira, Margherita and Michela tell us? “E ti dirò” is not just the Italian anagram of thyroid. Above all, it is the story of six people with very different situations (i.e., a couple attempting to start a pregnancy, young career women, an elderly person, and even a sportsman), but with one common factor, hypothyroidism. 

Can a person live with this disease? Of course! 

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