Awareness campaign

BabyHeART a year after its launch

A year ago IBSA launched BabyHeART, the Reproductive Medicine therapeutic area project for couples wishing to have a child. A project that springs from the heart, as its name suggests: the heart of the future unborn child and that of the aspiring parents, and the heart of the doctors, understood as the passion and commitment they invest in achieving the miracle of life through treatment and technology (ART - Assisted Reproductive Technology). BabyHeART is first and foremost a major digital communication campaign aimed at the public to assist couples wishing to have a child who are experiencing infertility problems and difficulties in conceiving. 

The video on the homepage introduces the theme of parenthood, which can be achieved through an informed use of the resources that nature offers us. It is only by aligning multiple conditions that nature gives us the greatest gift of life: the miracle of conception. IBSA, “Inspired by Nature”

The website and social media channels Facebook and Instagram, thanks to scientific, authoritative and easy-to-understand content guide users through the world of medically assisted procreation,clarifying doubts and providing incontrovertible and reliable answers. 


One year on, the results of the BabyHeART campaign, have exceeded expectations, in part thanks to targeted campaigns: the website has more than 85,000 users and 120,000 pages read and, through the social media channels and more than 150 posts published, 2,000,000 people have been reached.

"We are satisfied with the results we have achieved with the public and with the fact that we can offer concrete support to couples wishing to have a child, making the path to parenthood easier, more serene and above all more conscious" - says Sharon Gulisano, Senior Product Manager Reproductive Medicine.

The campaign and the digital assets will continue to run throughout 2022, offering new content and columns, confirming BabyHeART as the benchmark for couples wishing to have a child.