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antares: IBSA Farmaceutici presented the new project for the redevelopment of its Lodi headquarter

antares is the brightest star in the firmament, but is also the name chosen to identify the redevelopment project for IBSA Farmaceutici’s headquarters in Lodi. A wide-ranging plan for the renovation of the buildings and the urban and social context where the company is located, which revolves around some essential elements, including attention to people, sustainability, innovation, new impulse to R&D and state-of-the-art production. The work programme was presented by the top management – Arturo Licenziati, President and CEO of the IBSA Group; Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici; together with Antonio Melli and Christophe Direito, Vice President and Sr. Corporate Responsibility & Real Estate Manager at IBSA, respectively – and in the presence of the Mayor of Lodi, Andrea Furegato, testifying to the close relation between the company and the local community.

Quite a long time ago we embarked on a path aimed at maximising the positive effects that return well-being to the community, operating responsibly in order to generate not only economic value, but also social progress, and to protect our environmental resources”, said President Arturo Licenziati. We want to be present in a real and tangible way, to give life to a development project based on a renewal of spaces, with a view to sustainability and beauty. It’s our way of being close to the people, our collaborators, their families and the entire community.

The project is based on IBSA’s distinctive approach, which favours the transformation of the existing structures without occupying new spaces, to find better solutions. This will mean giving priority to the people’s well-being, with more efficient energy solutions and greater benefits for the environment, of which workplaces are an integral part.

IBSA Farmaceutici is today a solid and performing company. It has changed a lot in the last five years; it has evolved and grown in the name of innovation, which led us to expand internationally and to establish ourselves as a Made in Italy excellence worldwide”, explained Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici. “Today, we are a leading scientific and economic actor in the Italian pharmaceutical sector, and the new headquarters is designed to include and support the changes that still await us in the future, a future that for IBSA can be summed up with one word: sustainability”.

The new Lodi headquarters of IBSA Farmaceutici is designed to convey the solidity of the company and to support its growth also in terms of human resources. The architectural and interior design has therefore been conceived to accommodate all collaborators with an approach focused on well-being, with all-around solutions oriented towards comfort and with spaces more functional to the new working needs. The centrality and attention to people is also reflected in the choice to create environments that can facilitate sharing and increase the opportunities to network with national and international scientific partners and stakeholders.

The presence of a large and innovative company such as IBSA Farmaceutici in the Lodi area is characterised by a value of absolute significance; as Mayor, I can only express particular satisfaction for the opportunity provided to many of our young people to join the Lodi subsidiary of the company, which represents one of the most interesting stories of industrial growth in the Lodi area, and not only. Research and development are two of the strategic levers to strengthen growth, and that of IBSA is certainly a virtuous example of how innovation can be a significant driver and, at the same time, a precious opportunity to make a territory like ours – and the industrial system it is connected to – more competitive on a global level”, concluded Andrea Furegato, Mayor of Lodi.

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