Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA Farmaceutici with the Fondazione F. Rava to celebrate the 10th edition of "In Farmacia per i Bambini"

Fight against health poverty, awareness of children’s rights, concrete support for families in conditions of economic and social hardship: these are are the key points of In Farmacia per i Bambini (“In the Pharmacy for the Children”), the awareness-raising initiative of Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus which, from 18 to 25 November, in conjunction with the World Children’s Day, will involve over 2,500 pharmacies throughout Italy, promoting the collection of medicines and baby-care products for minors in health poverty.

2022 is a special year for the project, which in fact celebrates its 10th anniversary; and IBSA Farmaceutici is proud to be among the partner companies of the awareness campaign, after supporting the activities of the Fondazione Rava for several years now, both for the closeness of the values ​​that animate the two realities, and for the concreteness of the actions carried out jointly.

We are proud and honored to continue to be supporting the Fondazione Rava which for 10 years has been bringing tangible help to children and families in difficulty and which invites us all to reflect on the issue of respect for children’s rights”, said Patrizia Puppi, Senior Corporate Communication & CSR Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici. “We can’t stand and watch. We must work responsibly to create a positive impact both on communities and on the environment we live in, aware that the choices we make today have repercussions on the entire ecosystem, as well as on the planet that we are leaving as a legacy to future generations.

Ten years of activity are an important milestone, which also offers the opportunity to take stock and open up to a broader consideration, especially in light of the events of recent years, when health poverty has drastically increased, also due to the pandemic. According to the latest Istat data, in 2021 the minors in absolute poverty were almost 1.4 million (14.2%), a number that cannot leave us indifferent. Over the past decade, the initiative In Farmacia per i Bambini managed to raise over 1.5 million products – then donated to 4,000 beneficiaries in Italy, and to the Saint Damien pediatric hospital in Haiti – and to tangibly help more than 212,000 minors in health poverty, thanks to the precious collaboration of 12,000 participating pharmacies throughout Italy, as well as the support of 22,000 volunteers.

But there’s more: this year’s edition focuses on an extremely topical theme, summarised in the claim One Planet, One Health: the attention is on the need to think (and then act) of a healthcare model based on the recognition of the interconnection between human health, animal health and the health of the ecosystem, bound together by a fragile balance, as the spread of COVID-19 highlighted. The awareness of this bond calls everyone to a greater responsibility in treatment and prevention, with particular regard to the youngest.

This year’s key theme – One Planet, One Health – brings back the core of the debate on social and environmental sustainability. IBSA strongly believes in the contribution that, individually as people and collectively as a company, we can make every day. It is important to join efforts to achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the WHO’s 2030 Agenda that is most dear to us: goal number 3, which aims to ensure health and well-being for everyone, at all ages. It is with this spirit that IBSA supports the initiatives of the Fondazione Rava and is committed to several other projects on the national territory”, concluded Patrizia Puppi.

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