Welendo and tele-endocrinology: IBSA’s commitment towards greater accessibility to endocrinology services.

Caring Innovation is more than just a mission for IBSA: it is a commitment towards people. It is with this in mind that IBSA Farmaceutici, in collaboration with WelMed, has created the Welendo platform. The project aims to develop an innovative and supplementary tele-endocrinology pathway. As Giulia M. Franchi, endocrinologist and founder of WelMed, explains: "Endocrinology lends itself very well to telemedicine tools because the patients being treated are usually chronic, and therefore require a continuous relationship with the attending physician".
By means of this initiative, IBSA intends presenting an approach whereby an even more stable relationship can be built up between doctor and patient. In this sense, continues Giulia M. Franchi, IBSA encourages the development of adequate digital tools by means of which to "aspire to a professionalization of telemedicine keyed to the development of real virtual surgeries", in order to ensure the possibility of more constant and effective monitoring both for patients and health professionals, and overcome the limits imposed by physical distance.

IBSA supports Welendo to connect endocrinologists and patients

“The constant monitoring capacity and tele-consultations we offer at IBSA (Institut Biochimique Ltd) provides a concrete solution to patients’ requirements for continuity of care for persons living with chronic endocrine diseases” states Marialuisa Fino, Senior Product Manager Endocrinology.

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