Awareness campaign

VALUANCE, the Value of Alliance

Valuance is the new program conceived by IBSA DERMA and aimed at creating a solid, successful partnership with Aesthetic Practitioners.

The continuous success of digital tools has led to the development of new forms of language, while also affecting relationships and self-perception. At the same time, patients are increasingly more mindful of their own image, abandoning old stereotypes of beauty and informing themselves through real-time digital channels.

Thanks to Valuance, IBSA DERMA provides a practical solution to this radical change: an innovative project targeting Aesthetic Medicine Professionals, to support various aspects of their work and enhance their skills using highly professional development programs, thereby ensuring a valuable service for all patients.

The name Valuance comes from the merging of two words: "Value" and "Alliance". This is to highlight the value that can arise from alliance, value aimed at improving life, including the professional life of the Aesthetic Practitioner" - says Mariangela Cataneo, Operative Business Specialist Direct Operations of IBSA DERMA.

The program focuses on three areas: Medical Education, Business Education, and Consulting & Business Services.

According to Andrea Carlotti, Strategic Business Manager Direct Operations of IBSA DERMA, “All focus areas are dedicated to training Aesthetic Medicine Practitioners; to develop their skills with regards to protocols and the use of products, to improve their knowledge of communication strategies designed for business development, and to better communicate with the patients, who rely on their care".

IBSA DERMA is committed to supporting specialists and helping them develop new skills. Together we are building the future of Aesthetic Medicine on a solid scientific foundation and characteristic innovation.