8 March: happy International Women’s Day to all our Women, models of resilience

Resilience: this is the quality we should think of when we think of women – because they always show resilience in their lives and at work every day – and not only on the 8th of March.

Over the past 12 months, the world has struggled across very rough waters, and thanks to the efforts of all its valued people, IBSA has shown that it can navigate even through a storm, and it can do so safely and swiftly. It has been months extremely challenging for us all, but they have been even more difficult for some of our female colleagues: mothers, wives, partners, daughters of elderly parents, guardian angels of the weak and vulnerable, workers. In a word: Women.

This has made International Women’s Day an opportunity for us to devote even more attention, care and commitment to women’s health and well-being.

Women are one of our towers of strength and to keep them strong and healthy, IBSA has kicked off an initiative focused on prevention and early diagnosis in which all of our women may receive free breast exams and pap tests.

Breast exams and pap tests are fundamental in the prevention of breast and uterine cancer and regular check-ups are indispensable for early diagnosis. According to AIOM, the Italian association of medical oncology, in the first five months of 2020, the pandemic led to one million four hundred fewer screenings than in 2019. This is why we believe it is even more important and necessary to have the screenings and we hope to encourage all our women to take this simple step to reduce their risk of disease.

This initiative is also our way of thanking all the IBSA women for the work they are doing with dedication, professionalism and passion.

Happy International Women’s Day!