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Leading innovation in viscosupplementation: NAHYCO® HYBRID TECHNOLOGY


In the past few years, the interest and the conversation around hyaluronic acid (HA) has been rising.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule that can be found in the skin, eyes, joints and other tissues of the human body, with different functions. Hyaluronic acid concentration physiologically decreases with aging and in presence of certain diseases affecting the joints. The benefits of restoring an adequate concentration in the tissues by means of injections of hyaluronic acid have been demonstrated. This process, or treatment, entailing the infiltration of hyaluronic acid in a joint, is called viscosupplementation.

Viscosupplementation is more effective when the characteristics of the administered hyaluronic acid solution mimic those of the natural synovial fluid.



At IBSA we have put all our knowledge and resources with the aim to develop and provide innovative and unique solutions that could be tailored to different needs.

One of the latest results of our innovation-driven approach to research and quality is the NAHYCO® HYBRID TECHNOLOGY: Sodium (NA) Hyaluronate Hybrid Complex Technology.

A treatment with products based on the NAHYCO® HYBRID TECHNOLOGY is able to convey high quantities of hyaluronic acid, optimising the viscous and elastic properties of the formulation and improving its resistance to the action of hyaluronidases. How? Through polymer chains of different molecular weight. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (H-HA) and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (L-HA) establish cooperative hydrogen bonds through a patented thermal process, delivering hybrid cooperative complexes without the use of chemical cross-linking agents. This innovative treatment allows for a high concentration of HA to be reached, without compromising ease and safety of the procedure (injection), while effectively mimicking the physical and mechanical properties of healthy synovial fluid.

I trattamenti con prodotti che utilizzano la NAHYCO® HYBRID TECHNOLOGY sono in grado di veicolare quantità elevate di acido ialuronico, ottimizzando le proprietà viscose ed elastiche della formulazione e migliorandone la resistenza all'azione delle ialuronidasi. Come? Attraverso catene polimeriche di diverso peso molecolare. L'acido ialuronico ad alto peso molecolare (H-HA) e l'acido ialuronico a basso peso molecolare (L-HA) instaurano legami idrogeno cooperativi attraverso un processo termico brevettato, dando origine a complessi cooperativi ibridi senza l'impiego di agenti chimici reticolanti. Questo trattamento innovativo permette di raggiungere concentrazioni elevate di HA, senza pregiudicare la facilità e la sicurezza dell'iniezione e mimando in modo efficace le proprietà fisiche e meccaniche del liquido sinoviale sano.


IBSA will proudly present the new products based on the NAHYCO® technology during the Symposium “Leading innovation in viscosupplementation” at the 2021 edition of ISIAT, one of the most prestigious osteoarticular congresses at an international level which will take place in Krakow, Poland. Prof. Alberto Migliore, Director of the Unit of Rheumatology at the S. Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome (Italy), and Prof. Marcin Domzalski, Head of the Orthopaedics and Trauma, Veteran's Memorial Hospital Medical University of Lodz (Poland), will overview the evolution of HA intra-articular formulations through the years and introduce the NAHYCO® HYBRID TECHNOLOGY innovation based on the “hybrid cooperative complexes” of HA and HA + sodium chondroitin. IBSA is proud to be the platinum sponsor of this scientific congress which sees the participation of healthcare professionals, companies and institutions from all over the world.



At IBSA we strive to deliver products and technologies that have a positive impact in people’s lives, and to do so we stay faithful to our patient-centered approach.

We are confident that the new products based on the NAHYCO® technology will meet the expectations of patients and physicians, providing them with an innovative solution that has the potential to improve their experience of care, whether from a practice or administration side.