Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA promotes four prevention paths within the “Project Donne: the festival of women's health and wellbeing”.

From the 30th of June to the 3rd of July, the partners of Donne project have organized conferences, talk shows and workshops on the topic of women's health. In this context, IBSA shares its vision and its values by participating to prevention courses that go beyond simple therapy and whose the focal point always remains the Individual.

In particular, for this project presented by the Unesco Chair “Education for health and sustainable development”, IBSA takes part into four prevention paths. In addition to providing information on the main issues related to women's health, the objective of the "Project Donne" is to make a series of specialized medical visits available to female citizens, aimed to encourage women of all ages to find out more about most widespread pathologies, prevention and possible therapies.

The path linked to the cardiometabolic area will be identified with the name BOREA, while the ESTIA path will focus on the osteoarticular area. "The incidence of osteoarthritis is increasing both among women and men" says Alessandra Mirabile, Product Manager of the Osteoarticular area.

“The management and treatment of this pathology are not simple and require a flexible and gradual clinical-therapeutic approach, based on the severity and course of the disease. IBSA has historically been committed to providing the most innovative solutions for the treatment of every stage of disease progression. From oral to infiltrative therapies based on hyaluronic acid, IBSA has always had a focus on its patients and their quality of life ".

Likewise, the EOS path fully reflects IBSA's commitment in the endocrinology area. IBSA has always invested in the endocrinology field, with particular attention to thyroid problems spread among the female population. "The thyroid has a very important impact on a woman's health in all phases of her life. Therefore it is our commitment to promote prevention and awareness initiatives, as well as providing cutting-edge drugs for the treatment of these pathologies" says Marialuisa Fino , Senior Product Manager Endocrinology.

Within the EOS path it will be possible to perform an ultrasound scan of the thyroid, a crucial exam for diagnosing different thyroid pathologies, prescribing any in-depth examination and monitoring the presence of nodules over time.

Finally, the DEMETRA path is dedicated to Fertility.
"IBSA has always paid great attention to women's fertility, and thanks to the BabyHeART initiative, we have created a concrete support system to all couples who want a child", Sharon Gulisano, Senior Product Manager Fertility.
Within the Demetra path, information brochures will be issued to all women who wish to undertake a path of Medically Assisted Procreation.

“The strong sense of responsibility towards people transpires from our numerous projects”, says Salvatore Ippolito, Marketing Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici. “The individual is the focal point of all activities, therefore IBSA is committed daily to find solutions that meet people's needs and improve their quality of life”.


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