IBSA launches Amazonas, the SAP project that integrates all business functions

IBSA, in line with its mission to constantly seek quality in innovation, launches a new IT project to integrate all business processes, including those of its subsidiaries, within a single system. The name of the project is Amazonas, inspired by the Amazon River, one of the longest rivers in the world, constantly fed by its tributaries.

For the IBSA Group, the project will enable homogeneous and centralised management of activities, allowing the Lugano headquarters to gain a real-time overview of the company as a whole. As Giuseppe Bungaro, Head of Information Technology at IBSA Group, puts it: “This is a ‘global template’ that will standardise the way we work, leading to greater process optimisation and efficiency. The whole system has been designed and built according to the best practices of the pharmaceutical industry, where all critical GxP processes are robustly validated.

The design and implementation of the Amazonas project started in Italy, in IBSA Farmaceutici’s production plant in Cassina de’ Pecchi (MI). As of today, 12th July, the day of the inauguration, the system is operational and will allow a complete business process to be managed from start to finish.

Particular attention is paid to our people, who are receiving thorough training and testing all parts of the process. Every change in technology affects the way we work and technical updates must therefore go hand-in-hand with training.

After the Cassina de’ Pecchi plant, the system will also be implemented at the Lodi plant and at all IBSA Farmaceutici offices. Between April and June 2022, the Amazonas project will be implemented at all Swiss locations, including headquarters. All subsidiaries will then follow.
The Amazonas project involves the entire business process:

  • Production planning with sales forecast
  • Actual production
  • Analysis laboratories, which will also be digitalised
  • Logistics
  • Warehouse management
  • Sales
  • The accounting, controlling and administrative area

This is a necessary transformation that will bring enormous benefits by facilitating the integration and an immediate overview of all the Group’s businesses.