Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA, together with Il Magnete, supports the #NOBULLISMO2020 digital education project in the Istituto Comprensivo Lodi II secondary schools

At IBSA, care and "taking care" are principles that go beyond the drug and the illness and are achieved through projects that focus on Communities and People.
Such is the case for the #nobullismo2020 project, supported by IBSA and organized by #IlMagnete in the secondary school classes of the Istituto Comprensivo Lodi II. Two digital education sessions that covered various topics: bullyism in all its forms, responsible and aware use of the internet, new technologies and video games with the aim of preventing cyberbullyism.

It is well known that bullyism frustrates, depresses, frightens and causes psychological, as well as physical damage to victims, and, although the pandemic has deprived “bullies” of physical proximity to their peers by closing schools, it has also extended the time that students spend in front of their computer.

Children now live, learn and socialise in front of a computer screen. This unprecedented increase in time spent online has made them more vulnerable to cyberbullyism. It is estimated that one in ten students suffers cyber harassment and this form of violence is on the rise [source: UNESCO]. Data released by the Ministry for Safer Internet Day estimate a 59% increase in cyberbullyism incidents [source:].

Il Magnete, through digital education sessions, allowed the Lodi schoolchildren to get involved and gradually engage in discussion, focusing on particular insights and factors that helped them understand the great distress caused by bullyism.
Singer MEiD also spoke at the sessions, telling his story of being bullied and how he has managed to live with the pain that he experienced. Current issues were addressed and there was discussion about choices, about the importance of reporting and having the courage to speak out, about how easy it can be to talk to the right adults and about how a small gesture can mean so much to someone in distress.

IBSA insieme a Il Magnete supporta il progetto di educazione digitale #NOBULLISMO2020 nelle scuole secondarie dell’Istituto Comprensivo Lodi II

Annamaria Sgorlon, a psychologist and president of the Associazione Il Magnete APS, commented on the success of the initiative: “In every classroom we visited, we saw tears of emotion fill the students’ eyes and their gazes, behind their masks, conveyed so much. The young people were very curious and, above all, very eager to discuss the subject. Programmes such as these are essential to build active citizenship, to develop critical thinking among students and to raise awareness about the correct use of technological tools.”

Il Magnete, thanks to the constant support of IBSA Farmaceutici, is continuing its work,” concludes Annamaria Sgorlon, “and we will soon visit other classes in the area and meet many more boys and girls.