Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA DERMA is the protagonist of the Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award 2021 with the victory of "Me As A Masterpiece" in the "Media Relations and Brand Storytelling" category

The authentic beauty of IBSA Derma proves once again to be a winner. Proof of this is the huge success achieved at the Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award 2021 where the “Me as a Masterpiece” campaign won ex aequo in the “Media relations and Brand Storytelling” category. A very significant result in light of the history and importance of this competition, founded by the Media Key Group in 2004 to reward the most creative and effective Italian communication campaigns.

The guidelines that each project must satisfy in order to convince the 32 jurors, chosen from among the leading exponents of communication and marketing, concern the originality of the idea, the effectiveness onto the target market and the achievement of the objectives, with a provided measurement of results whether possible. This year's award ceremony, staged at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, was therefore one of the greatest successes for IBSA Derma in the communication field.


A success that also rewards the social objective of "Me As A Masterpiece", which starts from the idea that beauty does not belong to preconceived standards. Beauty is authenticity and it has to be preserved and exalted, because each of us it is a masterpiece in its uniqueness. Therefore, the photographic exhibition presents shots without traces of modifications or filters. The goal was to show the 4 campaign protagonists feeling themselves in all their beauty.

After the opening of the selection on social channels, the campaign was broadcast both online and offline in important international magazines such as Vogue, obtaining hundreds of subscriptions. A success that has allowed us to make an important step towards our greater goal: to create a world where women can feel beautiful for who they are, and not for what society imposes them to be.

"We are very proud of this project and the very important recognition received. From the beginning, the goal has been to put women and their essence at the core, with the hope of sparking a desire to rediscover and enhance own's uniqueness. This is what makes each of us a true masterpiece" says Maria Bisogni, Marketing & Communication Manager of the Dermoaesthetics Division.

A result that stimulates the company to always do its best and to continue inspiring women to be themselves.