World Day for Safety and Health at Work: luck helps, safety saves!

Occupational safety is one of the most important achievements of the modern age. Not only is it a universal right but it benefits both the company, which can therefore guarantee a more comfortable - and consequently more productive - work environment, and society, which bears fewer social costs for injuries and occupational diseases. Social costs are the sum of all costs for lost work days, medical care, insurance premiums and compensation, and an individual injury or occupational disease is only the tip of the iceberg.

The right to a healthy workplace and accident and disease prevention is in the best interests of all of society: companies, trade unions, workers, institutions and local authorities. However, a safe and healthy workplace can only be achieved with everyone’s cooperation and this is why today, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, each of us is asked to reflect more deeply.

At IBSA we wanted to celebrate the importance of safety at work and our collective commitment to promoting safety every day with an awareness campaign for all our workers. In strategic places at our sites and offices, we have put up a series of posters created by the artist Fabio Vettori depicting workplaces and calling on everyone to always be careful. What’s more, each of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia’s more than 500 workers will receive a commemorative notebook today with the name of the campaign on the cover, a simple message that hits the mark: “luck helps, safety saves!”.

IBSA's Workplace Safety Campaign, illustrations by Fabio Vettori

This is the common theme of the overall campaign, from posters to the short video you’ll find below in which Mariassunta Fiori, our HSE Manager, talks about how we at the company have been able to achieve extremely high safety standards. What counts more than anything else is that safety cannot be enforced by law or regulations. Safety is an approach that each of us, with no exceptions, must cultivate and uphold today and every other day of the year.