What they say about us: the Italian press talks about the investment plan of IBSA Farmaceutici, aimed at promoting the Company’s continuous growth within the Italian pharmaceutical sector

The commitment of IBSA Farmaceutici, the value and the importance of its activities for the patients, and the Company’s contribution to the Country: these are the main topics taken up and analyzed by the national and industry press following the meeting Innovazione, investimenti e ricerca: le sfide di IBSA in Italia (“Innovation, investments and research: IBSA’s challenges in Italy”), which was held last June 15. A media echo that has given visibility to IBSA’s efforts – in the different areas of research, development, production and sustainability – despite the troubles of a difficult period, such as that of the most acute phase of the pandemic, but thanks to which the Company has acquired the awareness of being able to continue to grow and stand out as an important reference for patients, as well as a successful example of the quality of the Made in Italy research and production worldwide.


IBSA’s contribution to the Country’s health system has been an important – and much appreciated – sign, whose importance has been highlighted by some media, also with a view to restarting the economy and continuing to grow the Italian pharmaceutical sector. Here is a small selection of articles have dedicated an in-depth analysis to IBSA’s activities, touching on several highly topical insights and issues.

IBSA’s role and objectives in Italy have been told on the online portal of Fortune Italia, also in light of the € 15 million investment plan that the Company is carrying out in order to implement production, acquire cutting-edge machinery and restructure its Lodi headquarters, within a greener and more sustainable perspective.

In fact, IBSA has never stopped, not even in the face of the crisis generated by the global pandemic and, in an interview with Aboutpharma, CEO and Managing Director Luca Crippa spoke of the trust IBSA has long been placing in our Country, investing in Italy every year 7% of its turnover in research and development.