Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA: technological Research for increasingly simple and efficient solutions for the musculoskeletal system

From the concept of simply treating to that of caring. This phrase encapsulates a crucial progression in IBSA’s philosophy, a company for which innovation takes on the meaning of expanding technology in the service of people’s needs. “Caring Innovation” thus means reaching beyond using active ingredients with known properties to achieving more advanced and efficient forms of dosage.

Our particular strategic choice has always been that of manufacturing innovative products, created with avant-garde technologies. We internally monitor all phases of the production process: from the selection of raw material to the finished product our monitoring even extends throughout the entire course of the product’s life span.” declares Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of the Italian subsidiary, which is the biggest of the Group.

Another crucial aspect of the company’s philosophy is the “Made in Italy” feature, on which a large part of the company’s success, including its financial success, is based. In effect, the Tricolour brand is known world-wide as being synonymous with quality, safety and attention to detail. It is precisely with this in mind that IBSA has developed a product line made for the treatment of conditions of the musculoskeletal system, valorising technologies developed and patented in Italy. Particularly as regards transdermal patches, IBSA can boast of technological know-how and high productive capacity making it a world-wide point of reference.


Moving Free is the latest addition to technologies patented by IBSA. It gives the product a high degree of flexibility and strong adhesive characteristics, thereby ensuring a greater freedom of movement. It is recommended for those parts of the human body where adhesion is difficult, like joints. It acts strictly in the areas of application, releasing the active ingredient consistently over a 24 hour period.


The Hydrogel patented technology consists of an adhesive matrix, containing the active ingredient, a flexible supporting layer and of a protective layer which is removed before application. It contains no organic solvents and has a high water content which has a humidifying effect on the application area.


IBSA is also a leader in the production of soft capsules: the exclusive PEARLtec technology, used in the production of softgel, makes it possible to incorporate an oily solution or an aqueous suspension into a gelatine capsule. This formulation resolves two problems: low solubility of the active ingredients in oleaginous formulations and of solid substances in aqueous formulations.


For osteo-articular pain and inflammatory conditions, IBSA produces a gel containing diclofenac, an active ingredient which, thanks to its composition, rapidly and deeply penetrates the affected area. Beyond the efficacy of the gel formulation, must be added the benefits of its container developed with Bag-on-Valve technology. The “Airless” bottles in effect protect the product from contact with oxygen, so that only a minimal amount of preservatives is used, that it is extremely practical to use such that almost the entire contents can be dispensed without the use of flammable gas.