Aree Terapeutiche

The new website is now online, helping you to use dietary supplements

The website has got a new look with more attractive graphics, helping users choose and order the product that best meets their needs. It also offers a whole host of insights and advice on how and when to use dietary supplements, in case of shortage or increased need. These are the main new features of the website, the heart of the digital identity of Daigo IBSA supplements.

At the centre of this project, as with everything that IBSA does, is people. The utmost care has been paid and maximum space given to users. The ‘inizia il test’ (start test) tool asks three simple questions and, based on the user’s answers, the site identifies the supplements most suited to their needs, choosing from among the various Daigo products available.

There are also fascinating pages dedicated to ‘consigli’ (advice), covering how to effectively deal with changing seasons and with stress, as well as talking about how to keep your immune system up every day, how to improve your diet and how to use dietary supplements where required. In short, a pocket-sized guide that may come in handy in many different circumstances.

All in a new, more attractive graphic design for a more enjoyable user experience. Thanks to an explanatory icon and audio and video content, all the information you need is now available in just a few clicks.

IBSA Daigo new website