FabLab survey: IBSA in the top ten pharmaceutical brands

69% of individuals with chronic illnesses admit to not knowing the name of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug they have been prescribed and, in some cases, have been using for years.

IBSA has managed to buck this trend and place in the top ten pharmaceutical companies best known by patients, together with international giants, as shown by the research project promoted by FabLab and developed by Focus MGMT.

Much of this ability to build patient loyalty and contribute, with its own brand, to their well-being, is linked to product quality”, says Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici, “but equally important is the constant dialogue that IBSA maintains with doctors, pharmacists and patients in an attempt to meet their needs and requirements”.

This is a way of interpreting the social responsibility role that IBSA emphasises in every action it takes, from developing projects in favour of the community to constantly supporting research, innovation and development.

The research also shows the importance of knowing and analysing relationships between patients, doctors and pharmacists in order to build better and more effective relationships in disease treatment, which always remains the ultimate goal of the entire health system.

IBSA top ten pharma brands in FabLab survey

Methodological note: the research was conducted on a sample highly indicative of reality and made up of about 1500 stakeholders in the sector, equally divided between doctors, pharmacists and patients. It drew from over 13,000 general practitioners, about 8,000 pharmacies and patients who access the portal daily (34 million per year).