Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper interviews Luca Crippa at the "Life Science Pharma & Biotech Summit"

Someone once said that ingenuity is ‘creativity, intuition, decision-making and speed of execution’, but if instead you were to say ‘innovation, quality, sustainability and caring for people’ you’d get the IBSA formula for success, since the company does just that. It’s constantly on the search for innovations that benefit people’s wellbeing (creativity), it’s constantly questioning itself to understand what doctors and patients need (intuition), it invests millions in developing new technologies at the service of everyone (decision-making), its manufacturing processes are very quick and it continually distributes excellent quality drugs obtained through certified industrial processes and materials that respect the environment (speed of execution).

This is just one similarity between cinema and reality, but it gives the idea.
Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of the Italian division, part of the IBSA Institute Biochimique SA, IBSA Group, a constantly growing pharmaceutical industrial company that has “the pace of a start-up, attention to detail and a multinational outlook.” With yet another competitive advantage: “speed. When a good idea pops up, when a patient needs a treatment, the decision-making process to bring forward innovative ideas is very speedy". The company’s other strong suit is its people, who work shoulder to shoulder day in day out, even during a complicated and difficult period such as 2020. IBSA Italia employs 575 people, "people who really do make the difference through their preparedness, their willingness to work and their desire to collaborate with one another.”

All this is reflected in the 65 patents covering IBSA’s innovations and the others that are soon to arrive, because “research never sleeps.” It is IBSA’s research, in fact, that has allowed it to invent a new form of oral administration known as FilmTec. The technical definition of FilmTec is an ‘orodispersible microfilm for the delivery of active ingredients’, but to the average person and to its target audience, it’s a type of stamp that melts when it comes into contact with your tongue, without water. It’s fast-acting and it’s also convenient to use and carry with you, since it comes in single-dose packs that you can keep in a wallet or purse, without ruining the product.

Technical definitions aside, Crippa explains FilmTec using practical examples that we can all understand: “When we think about using this technology, we should think about its application to life-saving products, rather than anti-anxiety products such as benzodiazepines. In short, products that people can carry around with them at all times; products that give them peace of mind.”

In short, ‘producing medicines in their best form’ means creating sometimes very complex technologies that guarantee ease of use for patients. From the patient’s point of view, we could say “products that offer the best user experience in the pharmaceutical field’. From a socio-economic point of view, we could speak of ‘products that cement fully sustainable development practices invoked by modern political, environmental and social doctrines.”
In a few letters, we could say IBSA.