IBSA Farmaceutici takes fifth place among the best 200 companies within the Lodi area

The TOP 200 ranking offers an overview of the 200 best companies in the province of Lodi. With revenues of over 189 million euros, IBSA Farmaceutici ranks fifth in an industrial district that has a total worth of 7.2 billion euros and where 90% of companies are profitable.

An analysis of the figures used to draw up the TOP 200 ranking reveals the vitality and strong manufacturing focus of the province of Lodi, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which has enabled the Lodi economy to withstand the pandemic crisis better than the Lombardy average.

With its two production plants, IBSA, in this local context, is an outstanding company in the national and international pharmaceutical sector.
During this period complicated by the emergency, the company has never stopped!
Its strategy is based on two pillars: safety for workers and continuity of care for patients, as well as solidarity.

Our workers,” stresses Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici, “although working in completely safe conditions, were close to the areas most affected by the virus, so we felt that it was our duty to take every possible initiative in all sites, enforcing existing regulations and incorporating even stricter protocols where possible.”

In the toughest months of the health crisis, the company was committed to ensuring continuity of care for patients by controlling all production and distribution phases and overcoming any kind of critical issue.
The central importance of people, sustainability and innovation have always been at the heart of our vision and will continue to be the foundations for our development and expansion in the years to come.

IBSA nella classifica TOP 200 de Il Cittadino di Lodi

Source: Il Cittadino