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IBSA is the main sponsor of SIAGASCOT's D-Meeting

This year, IBSA is the main sponsor of the D-MEETING run by SIAGOSCOT (Società Italiana di Artroscopia, Ginocchio, Arto Superiore, Sport, Cartilagine, Tecnologie Ortopediche - The Italian Society of Arthroscopy, Knee, Upper Limb, Sports, Cartilage and Orthopaedic Technologies), scheduled for 24 October 2020 in virtual mode.

Connected from the major Italian cities, SIAGASCOT’s faculties will give life to a stimulating scientific conference full of ideas. Doctors will have the opportunity to attend the Main Sessions live, to access ‘rooms’ with dedicated focus groups or parallel sessions, clinical cases or company workshops. A real virtual scientific conference to learn and find out more about topics of interest to specialists.

SIAGASCOT’s mission is, at both an Italian and international level, to promote the training and scientific growth of specialist orthopaedics by enabling communication between orthopaedic physicians and professionals in related specialties: anaesthetists, rheumatologists, sports doctors, physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists.

IBSA main sponsor D-Meeting SIAGASCOT