Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA launches Vitamin D3 in FilmTec™: a whole host of benefits and just a few microns thick

Vitamin D3 is crucial for health, but it’s not always synthesised and/or taken in sufficiently due to inadequate environmental factors and/or the difficulty of eating certain foods.

To add to the daily supply of this vitamin, IBSA’s research is able to offer the first food supplement to use the patented IBSA FilmTec™ technology, an innovation entirely developed by the Italian Research & Development team.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is synthesised naturally on exposure to the sun’s rays and is also ingested with some foods, such as fatty fish, egg yolk, cod liver oil and dairy products. Not everyone eats these foods rich in Vitamin D3, however, whether due to personal taste or certain intolerances or conditions. Modern lifestyles also often lead us to spend a lot of hours indoors, not enjoying the benefits of the sun’s rays.

Vitamin D3 is essential for the body as it contributes to normal immune system function and to maintaining healthy bones, since it enables normal absorption of calcium. The right dose of vitamin D3 is therefore essential at all ages.

IBSA, a company that has always been at the forefront in the search for new release systems, has recently made vitamin D3 available in IBSA FilmTec™ orodispersibile film (ODF). To prepare the ODF, IBSA uses food maltodextrins as polymers. This safe, well-established ingredient is at the base of the technology patented and developed in the group’s Italian plants.

This new oral form melts in the mouth when it comes into contact with saliva, with no water required. It’s easy to take and also solves a problem faced by a huge segment of the population: dysphagia, (bedridden people and elderly people). IBSA’s vitamin D3 in FilmTec™ form is popped on the tongue and melts within seconds, releasing the active ingredient rapidly and fully.

IBSA’s vitamin D3 in FilmTec™ form also has other benefits: it’s gluten free, GMO free and lactose free. It contains less than 1 kcal and has a natural orange aroma, which makes it very pleasant to take. IBSA’s vitamin D3 in FilmTec™ form is available in two doses, allowing appropriate and precise administration of the daily dose.

IBSA launches Vitamin D3 in FilmTec™