IBSA Italia in Moscow: Made in Italy champions in the nutraceutical sector


The Made in Italy brand represents an important value. Having been used to identify the most famous products in the Luxury & Lifestyle sector for many years, in recent years this tag line has become a sort of collective brand, used in almost all product categories and particularly high-performing on international markets. Made in Italy is synonymous with quality, innovation, respect for the environment and care for people, both customers and employees. IBSA fully identifies with these values and has been chosen as the ‘Made in Italy champion’ in one of the sectors in which it has the most market presence with products of excellence: nutraceuticals, i.e. pharmaceuticals applied to the use of the nutrients contained in food that have beneficial effects on health.

Recently, the CEO of IBSA Italia, Luca Crippa, was invited to Moscow, together with Federsalus, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), for an event at the Italian Embassy to present the excellence of Made in Italy in this sector. An international audience was able to see the quality of IBSA’s Made in Italy products and, above all, the philosophy behind the company’s activities, which also embodies the essence of the Italian spirit.

Crippa had the following to say: “Innovation, research and development are our daily commitment. They go hand in hand with looking after the environment and the community, both our 600 employees and the region that hosts us. The opportunity to be here to talk about us as a company and about Italy fills us with pride and a sense of responsibility.”

IBSA has been active for years in the nutraceutical sector with various technologies, such as soft capsules and oral gel. In 2019, IBSA also launched a new nutraceutical production line for orodispersible films at its plant in Cassina de’ Pecchi, on the outskirts of Milan.

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