Aree Terapeutiche

“Each one of us is a masterpiece,” beauty according to IBSA Derma

“Each one of us is a masterpiece.” This is the title of the new IBSA Derma campaign, an initiative that redefines the canons of beauty by enhancing the uniqueness of each and every one and making homologating stereotypes a thing of the past. The venue for the launch of the campaign was the 2019 World Dermatology Conference in Milan.

At the same time as “Everyone is a masterpiece,” the special photographic exhibition .nedt (Not Edited) was inaugurated. The leitmotif of the exhibition is the ‘live shooting’: none of the shots on display were modified or post-edited because, as the photographer Debora Barnaba says, “beauty is naturalness and self-awareness.” This belief is in line with IBSA’s mindset: every individual is a unique masterpiece and everyone’s authentic beauty must be exalted, not distorted.

Ognuno di noi è un capolavoro IBSA Derma